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aria is the only music server

on the market to supports an unlimited number of extended metadata fields for

any music genre

Features aria music server

aria music server

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aria mini is a more compact and affordable music server version of the higher performance aria. The aria mini has inherited the genes of its "big brother aria", it incorporates a stand for tablets, it’s fanless, has a capacity of 1 terabyte and a DAC that supports both PCM music files up to 32 bits and 384 kHz (DXD) and DSD64/128.

aria mini is compatible with AirPlay™ and DLNA™ and ,like the original aria, supports extended metadata fields.


Features aria mini music server

aria for iPad and iPad Mini

aria kit for OPPO

DigiBit has adapted its new aria music server to work inside the OPPO 105. 

By installing a small, internal, ultra low-power computer board and an EMI shielded power supply, aria works independently of the other OPPO BDP-105 and OPPO BDP-105D functionality. 

No soldering is required, just plug some connectors.



aria kit OPPO 105 features

aria mini music server







  • Extremely easy-to-use, just open app and start playing music
  • iaria app automatically detects aria server and selects it with no network hassles. Other zones with compatible DLNA renderers are identified and can be selected anytime in the zones menu
  • Multilanguage GUI support
  • Super-fast load and scrolling of large libraries
  • Streaming to Airplay devices
  • IOS and Android


iaria app









aria kit for OPPO

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